Hi, I’m Tom Anderson.  Thanks for enjoying my website.  I’ve held a lot of professions in my life: paperboy, student, janitor, grass cutter, U.S. Army officer, and attorney.  However, I’ve always been one thing—a photographer.  I first fell in love with photography watching my father work his Konica Autoreflex T, and at age 11 my paper route money went to a splendid Minolta SRT-101 that first taught me my own photographic eye. 

However, twenty-two years in the Army left me with little time to develop my photographic skills, but once I left the service and started law school, I had a bit more free time to reinvigorate my passion.  At first, living in the city, my eye led to a certain type of street photography where architectural lines led the eye to human figures.  I had great success with this style, with numerous gallery showings and commercial sales.  However, executing this style of photography left me feeling nervous and a bit empty.  I then consciously chose to switch gears and document the subject that I was most passionate about—nature, and natural landscapes.  I worked hard to develop a style that celebrated the beautiful light of nature, and the fact of going out to shoot such subjects gave me great peace.  At the same time, I could not bring myself to give up the city scenes that gave me early success.  Thus, the two styles of this website were born: “Tension,” which leaves me nervous but energized, and ”Serenity,” which leaves me peaceful and looking for more.

I use the superior dynamic range of digital photography to reveal sights as our eyes actually see them.  My city scenes strive to reveal the beauty of what humans can create, and my natural landscapes strive to reveal the gifts God has given us.  I shoot mostly with a Nikon D810, but in the backcountry I often travel light with Micro Four-Thirds and an Olympus E-M1 or E-M5.

Prints of my photography are available for sale on this website, and I am available for commercial shoots and one-on-one workshops—please see the Contact page.

Cheers, Tom